Ginecopatología. Caso 6. Dra. Esther Oliva

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Clinical information

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48 year old woman with a history of Hodgkins disease successfully treated with radiation therapy. Surveillance followup imaging (chest CT) revealed a 8 mm subpleural nodule in her right lower lobe. She was also noted to have a large fibroid uterus confirmed on pelvic ultrasound. Repeat chest CT revealed increase in size of her pulmonary nodules. She underwent a right lower lobe wedge resection. Pulmonary nodule biopsy revealed fibroblastic sarcoma. She had a pelvic CT scan that showed a 18 com mass in the cervix extending to soft tissues. Subsequently she underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy followed by hysterectomy with bilateral adnexectomy.


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Ginecopatología. Caso 6. Dra. Esther Oliva
Organ/Órgano/Localiz: Uterus / Útero
Staining / Tinción: H-E
Institution/Instituc: Massachusetts General Hospital. Boston, MA. EEUU
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Gross observations

The cervix was distorted and enlarged by a 14 cm tumor with relatively well defined margins that was extending to the surrounding soft tissues. On sectioning the tumor had a white to yellow rubbery cut surface with areas of necrosis

Microscopic observations

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Diagnosis information

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