Hospital Clínic. Barcelona. Caso 2

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Clinical information

Organ/Órgano/Localiz: Bone marrow / Médula ósea
Institution/Instituc: Hospital Clinic. Barcelona
Sender / Patólogo: Undefined
ID case plataform: Undefined
Status of case: Undefined
Priority/Prioridad: Undefined
Patient. Age: Undefined
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Paola Castillo

• 54 year-old female
• No relevant medical history (heartburn)
• Progressive leukopenia (2007)
• Asymptomatic
• Peripheral blood: Hb 102 g/L, Htc 0.33 L/L, MCV 89.9 fl WBC 2.2 x 109/L (820 absolute neutrophils) Platelet count 204 x 109/L
Follicular lymphoma stage IVA (medullary ). No treatment
October 2010 HCP
• 4 kg weight lost (last year)
• 3-4 months diary febricula and diaphoresis and postprandial heartburn
Physical exam:
• No diathesis. Left malar eczema (tinea)
• No lymphadenopathy. Cardiopulmonary normal
• No organomegaly. No neurological signs
• Body scan: no lymphadenophaty
• PET: diffuse marrow uptake (SUV 4-5,8)

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Diagnosis information

Diagnosis/Diagnóst: Leucemia/linfoma linfoblástica B
Notes_Second_Opinion: Undefined
Bone Marrow infiltration by B lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma


Staining / Tinción: Undefined
Assigned Pathologist: Undefined
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